Month: August 2016

Why did I create KeepSafe Foods?

To transfer all the food safety skills I’ve learned as a foodservice director and certified food safety expert and explain how you can apply them to protect yourself from food poisoning, or as we in the business call it, foodborne illness.

KeepSafe Food’s goal is to provide what you need to know, when and where you need to know it so that you can Protect Your Plate.

And, to do so, in a manner that is simple, practical, relevant and, occasionally, irreverent.

Often people think they have food poisoning.

They are probably right.

Just as often people, people believe that its source was the last restaurant at which they dined.

They are probably wrong.

Each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control (, about 48 million people suffer from  a foodborne illness.  That’s one in six!

Think about it …restaurants, fast food stops, even food trucks are inspected regularly.

Home kitchens are not.

True, not all are restaurants are perfect. And yes, there are horror stories. Even so, commercial facilities have a regulated sanitation process, not so in our home kitchens. And most foodservice workers have at least received minimal food safety training, while most consumers have not.

There is an abundance of excellent consumer food safety information out there. In my opinion, three of the best websites are

There are countless stores, sites and catalogs that sell kitchen tools and gadgets that can be used to enhance food safety.

But KeepSafe Food products integrate the tips and the tools so that what you need to know  is right in front of you, when and  where you need to know it. And this blog will link to what is going on in the food safety landscape and make it relevant to your individual health needs.

KeepSafe Food. For your personal food safety. Protect your plate.